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Our edge

Our company is the exclusive provider of advanced European equipment. SLC owns several A and B class terminals with over 80000 square meters of storage area and a loading dock which can accommodate any kind of goods even those requiring specific temperature conditions.

Our facility is strategically positioned in Kinel city at the intersection of main Russian routes. The company owns a truck park and a railway branch.

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About company


Public Corporation Srednevolzhskaya Logistics Company was founded in November 2004 with the aim of opening the network of warehouse terminals presenting a complete complex of logistics services.


  • working for economic flourishing of Samara region
  • raising compatibility of the enterprise
  • attracting investments into the area
  • making new jobs
  • increasing the volume of transport streams
  • maintaining profitability and stability of business
  • raising the level of satisfaction of a client
  • supporting social projects actively


  • creating the network of warehouse terminals on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • making Samara Region one of the biggest logistics centres of the Volga Federal district
  • building the effective logistics system on the territory of the Volga region
  • reorient transport stream coming to the regional market from abroad
  • to become the most large-scale distributing centre of the Volga Region
  • to preserve the positions of one of the leaders of the Russian market of  logistics services
  • to raise the quality of the services given till the level of 4-PL provider

Our Activity:

Srednevolzhskaya Logistics Company gives a complete complex of logistics service: responsible storage at a dry warehouse, warehouses with different temperature regimes, transporting and dispatching of goods from the customer to the consumer, packing and repacking, selection, sorting, pre-sale preparation and marking, repairs and restoration of package material of the goods, system of cross-docking, storage and processing of containers at a container terminal.

Development Just in a year SLC became the largest provider of logistics service in Volga region. We are constantly developing and improving our service by applying latest logistics technology and introducing contemporary warehousing and transportation management systems. SLC keeps up with the time and carries out regular market research and testing. 

Our competitors. Nowadays SLC is an exclusive enterprise in Samara region that provides full logistics service using contemporary approach and leading-edge technologies. We have managed to stimulate the market. Other transporting and logistics companies will have to improve the quality of service to keep their clients.  

How will competitors take our activities? Applying the logistics principles provides the major source for company expenditures saving. Every successful company needs to introduce logistical management into business operation as it enables to improve service quality and reduce the cost of services and products. 

Why rely on us? Our company has great experience in providing logistics services. We take full responsibility for the cargo of our clients. We hire only experienced logistics specialists. We release our clients from all concerns of cargo transportation and storage.  Relying on us our clients save money, time and nerves.

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